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Wi-Blue Gateway $50

DIY hardware assembly + Wi-Blue firmware + VizLore Cloud Services

The Wi-Blue Gateway is an iBeaconing device that enables presence sensing and notification messaging. It can be used in commerce to advertise to customers passing by, or in an office setting to identify spatial patterns and room usage. The data gathered can track customer engagement or identify energy saving opportunities.

Our Wi-Blue firmware comes in two modes:

  • Wi-Blue Bridge – WiFi mode
  • Wi-Blue Bridge XL – WiFi mesh mode*

*WiFi mesh mode allows several Wi-Blue Gateways to interconnect amongst each other thanks to one Gateway being connected to the internet. This means less cables!

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What is Wi-Blue?

This build-it-yourself device allows you to create an iBeacon as a presence sensor and messaging tool for residential or commercial purposes. Bluetooth lets you signal to a smart device (phone, tablet etc.) and gather data on presence, proximity and even engagement. Paired with the Wi-Ocean Bridge, the Wi-Blue Gateway can be used to control EnOcean devices such as thermostats and light switches based on presence and proximity of smart devices.

Necessary components


You must purchase these hardware components to build your DIY Wi-Blue Bridge device. The links will provide you with the requirements needed for each component to work properly.

DIY Instructions:

Assemble + Create an account + Download Firmware + Activate Wi-Blue

Firmware Features

Wi-Blue Gateway – WiFi mode

  • Device management via dedicated web portal:
    • Device registration
    • iBeacon configuration (UUID, Major, Minor, Tx Power)
  • Detection of software tampering and SD card cloning
  • Haystack APIs and AllJoyn service for defining presence sensors and exposing occupancy data
  • Additional device access options:
    • Remote access via SSH
    • Access via HDMI Monitor, keyboard and mouse

Wi-Blue Gateway XL – WiFi mesh mode

  • All the above +
  • Wireless mesh configuration – mesh id, WEP key, channel
  • Automatic establishment of wireless mesh network with nodes configured in the same manner