Our Three Pillar Solution to a Smarter World

Internet of Things

Making our data more valuable, our cities smarter, and our lives more connected than ever before, the Internet of Things is rapidly accelerating global digital connectivity.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology improves the collection, storage, and distribution of system data while maintaining the security, privacy, flexibility, and sustainability of networks.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering Solutions allows our devices and networks to learn from the data they collect to improve the overall efficiency of our systems.

Internet of Things Solutions

Cloud Component

VL software platform uses cloud computing, edge device management, and data analytics to seamlessly manage your IoT operations and integrate modern services that add value to your operations.

  • Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure: Scalable plug and play platform that offers solutions to manage equipment, devices, service delivery, and security policies, all from a robust cloud-based platform.
  • Soft Sensory Capability: Versatile embedded software agents deliver data and insights into the behavior of assets: both at the edge for mission-critical processes, and in the cloud for predictive analytics.

Edge Devices

A new concept for facility management and automation: smart controllers that act as building blocks for custom IoT infrastructure development. These smart controllers can mesh together and communicate with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Enocean to offer a wide range of use cases.

  • Universal IoE Controller: The controller is an integrated multi-radio hardware and software system that acts as a gateway to connect networks of devices, collect data in real-time, and monitor devices off-site from a smartphone app or web portal.
  • iSAC Controller: iSAC is a compact controller powered over PoE with WiFi and Bluetooth capability. It has the ability to in turn power devices connected through its relays. This makes it perfect for implementation requiring limited electrical wiring.

Integrated Solutions

Gateway  Solutions

iBeacon Gateway

iBeacon gateway is a perfect solution for iBeacon cloud-based management. It allows one to scan for presence and proximity of iBeacons and store data in the cloud.


This device allows you to manage EnOcean sensors and switches for home automation or remote control. EnOcean devices require no cable and no battery. They can be used to switch lights, control blinds and get sensory information like temperature, humidity or presence detection.


The Wi-Blue Gateway is an iBeaconing device that enables presence sensing and notification messaging. It can be used in commerce to advertise to customers passing by, or in an office setting to identify spatial patterns and room usage. The data gathered can track customer engagement or identify energy saving opportunities.

Smart Access Solutions

Smart access solution uses mobile phones, wireless communication, the Internet, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology to provide superior modern access security solutions.

Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset tracking solution uses VizLore IoE controllers and a set of Bluetooth beacons of choice to provide high precision Indoor Positioning Services.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

ChainRider API

ChainRider API is a cloud service for digital currency management and blockchain exploration. The service uses web tokens for authentication, a token is obtained by registering on the platform. You can use this token to query the blockchain for any type of resources (block, transaction, address) or management of your custom payment forwarding rules. More details could be found in our API docs.

What can you do?

  • Get notifications about blockchain event/payments/blocks/transactions/addresses
  • Create payment forward rules and forward your payments to multiple addresses
  • Get instant commission for payments
  • Dive deep into the blockchain
  • Get instant send notifications for payments and transactions

Blockchain as a Service (BAAS)

Built using Hyperledger Fabric, VizLore envisions a Federated Blockchain Network that allows a “plug and play” BAAS for IoT organizations that wish to improve efficiency. Listed below are seven services VizLore provides with IoT BAAS:

  1. Interoperability throughout IoT
  2. Easy blockchain infrastructure specification, deployment, and IAAS recommendation
  3. Rapid business logic prototyping
  4. Blockchain and underlying system exploration
  5. External interoperability and data
  6. Resource sharing, computational offloading and low-resource device adaptability
  7. Complex privacy-management modeling

Data Engineering Solutions

Machine Learning Playground

Machine learning playground allows you to test different machine learning models on your data sets without any background and knowledge in programming

Smart Visualization

Smart Visualization allows you to display your raw and processed data in a meaningful way. Combined with Machine learning playground it provides actionable insights and helps you better understand your data


Collaborative filtering and content-based filtering combined with context awareness allows you to generate powerful recommenders for anything from Points of Interests, content or ad placement to service configuration

Notification Center

Create custom events and receive event-driven notifications, alarms, results of your data processing, etc

Integrated Solutions

Cloud-Based Network Managment

Cloud-Based Network Managment is a solution to outdated intercom systems, keys, and fobs. The Smart Access app allows tenants to manage their building’s security via their computer or mobile device. Smart Access uses security protocols to ensure encrypted recognition of devices and doorways.

Health Surveys

Health Surveys allows you to display your raw and processed data in a meaningful way. Combined with Machine learning playground it provides actionable insights and helps you better understand your data.

Enfuego Tech

With the power of our proprietary optimizer, dynamic resume, and sorting mechanism, we aim to help job seekers increase their odds of landing the perfect opportunity.


PhasmaFood exists to deliver an autonomous, multifunctional multi-sensor optical sensing device for the detection of food safety threats such as food spoilage, adulteration, and aflatoxins. The PhasmaFOOD cloud platform aggregates sensory and contextual data from the smart sensor devices. Food analytics are performed on the collected data using a variety of methods. Cloud infrastructure and Food Analytics are loosely coupled i.e. minimum dependence. Some use cases are as followed.

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