Smart Access

The Future of Access Control

Smarter buildings and enhanced security

Our phones are the keycards of the future.

Secure access control does not mean you need to rely on expensive 3rd party hardware like keycards and fobs anymore. Access can be controlled through the one device we always have on us, our smartphones.

Benefits of smart access control :

  • Reduce overhead by eliminating costs of keycards and fobs
  • Provide an efficient tool for tenants and for visitors
  • Understand behavioral patterns and shifts in building usage
  • Enhance security with real-time access logs of tenants and visitors, and eliminate key/fob loss
  • Increase privacy by transforming physical directories into digital directories within the app
  • Monetize your new access infrastructure’s extra features like ibeacon messaging and sensor data collection.

Who is Smart Access for?

For facility managers

A cloud portal lets facility managers have autonomous control over the configuration of the access control system. The configuration parameters are applied instantly in real-time, so you can easily manage the flow of people through a secured door.

For commercial and residential buildings

No more keys or keycards. Now someone’s phone can let them into a secure space. Every user has an authorization level that allows them to enter designated areas. The door is simply equipped with a plug and play controller that connects to the VizLore cloud that cleverly manages access rights. For short term access, the host can create a timed virtual key for a visitor that will log the key’s usage and send a notification when it is used. This is perfect for after hours meetings in an office building, or dog walkers in a residential building.

What else does it do? The app can act like a virtual intercom. Visitors can make intercom calls through the app to be buzzed in.

For industrial facilities

Do you have machines as well as people? Smart Access is not only a solution for securely controlling the flow of people. It integrates with Haystack and lets you manage the location of your machines in real-time. The smart access controller also acts as a gateway so you can collect data about connected machinery to monitor their performance and generate predictive analytic models over time.

If your industrial space is not equipped with WiFi, no problem, our controllers can create a mesh network through which they can act as a hotspot and allow your machines to connect to the network.

Use Cases

Student Housing

Next Gen access control

Kids these days… they want everything at the push of a button. Luckily that’s what we had in mind when we created Smart Access. This 150 unit building has a digital directory integrated with an IP camera that lets the building manager know who has entered into the building and when. The tenants love it because it offers them the flexibility to buzz their visitors in even if they aren’t home or to send a virtual key to their friends.

Shared Office Space

Better than a doorman

These guys were weary of leaving their clients outside while the intercom buzzer rang and rang… but not any more. These office visionaries can now send virtual keys to their clients, wow them with a hi-tech access solution that affords them the independence of entering the building and escaping the elements, while notifying the host the instant the key is used.

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