IoT Platform

VL software platform uses cloud computing, edge device management and data analytics to seamlessly manage your IoT operations and integrate modern services that add value to your operations.

Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

Scalable plug and play platform that offers solutions to manage equipment, devices, service delivery and security policies, all from a robust cloud based platform.

Soft Sensory Capability

Versatile embedded software agents deliver data and insights into behavior of assets: both at the edge for mission critical processes, and in the cloud for predictive analytics.


Real-time actionable data

Low cost integration

embedded intelligence

IoT infrastructure

Understand data insights

We offer consulting services to connect any device to the cloud and create IoT apps while also offering all the tools and platform services needed to manage, provision, and analyze your Internet of Things deployment:

  • visualize and analyze device and usage reports
  • gain access to tiers of application data and analyze features
  • build customizable advanced intelligence tools into the product

IoT apps

Go to market with an application that interacts with your IoT infrastructure.

Features include:

  • social log in
  • dual factor verification
  • device whitelisting
  • proximity detection
  • presence sensing
  • BTLE push notifications
  • in-app engagement metrics
  • off-site device management

Brite Habitat

Our Bright Habitat controller transforms residential and commercial buildings into smart facilities with integrated services for facility managers and tenants alike! The controllers act as gateways to allow device agnostic interoperability between multiple communication technologies including WiFi, Bluetooth, and EnOcean. They are Project Haystack compatible and AllJoyn compliant.


Vendor agnostic

Scalable and interoperable

satisfied clients

Universal IoE Controller

A device that bridges WifI to Bluetooth and EnOcean devices, sensors or actuators.

Smart Access Controller

A hardware and software solution that grants access and virtual keys all through a smartphone app.

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