Brite Habitat Universal IoE Controller

A new generation of Controller for revolutionary building automation

A new concept for facility management and automation: smart controllers that act as building blocks for custom IoT infrastructure development.

These smart controllers can mesh together, and communicate with WiFi, Bluetooth and Enocean to offer a wide range of use cases:

  • Track assets such as workers or machines using indoor positioning
  • Send ibeacon messages through push notifications
  • Pair the controllers with any screen using HDMI and track user engagement
  • Manage data from EnOcean sensors and actuators remotely

Revolutionize access with virtual keys

Smart access is a cloud and app-based service that allows the creation of virtual keys on smartphones for electric doors, lockers or gates

Smart Access uses security protocols to ensure encrypted recognition of devices and doorways. Virtual keys are customizable for a specified period of time, making it the perfect solution for parties, cleaning ladies, dog walkers or out of town visitors!

The app on a user’s smartphone becomes a virtual key which is recognized by the door and allows seamless entry.

Real-time access logs are accessible by tenants and building managers, making this a great alternative to a concierge. You can pair the solution with a security camera and intercom station. Users can block devices or virtual keys issued, and managers have administrative override rights. Learn more…

WiFi-Bluetooth Bridge

iBeacon & occupancy detection

The Wi-Blue gateway combines a notification platform and room occupancy sensor to provide insights into ad engagement, energy usage or spatial efficiencies

Wi-Blue collects data that reveals when and how your space is being used so you can reduce your energy bill or optimize your operations. It can also be used as an advertising platform to send notifications about products or news.  Paired with the Wi-Ocean Bridge, Wi-Blue can tell your EnOcean thermostat to lower the heat or your smart LED lights to switch off when nobody is around. Learn more…

WiFi-Enocean Gateway


Control EnOcean sensors with our WiOcean Bridge firmware

By bridging EnOcean sensors to WiFi, the possibilities are endless

The beauty of EnOcean devices is that they are battery-less and so they can be placed anywhere without wires. But that raises the question of how they can be managed off-site. We have developed a gateway to bridge EnOcean sensors to WiFi, ensuring real-time data collection and off-site management. Learn more…

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