VizLore Internet of Things Solutions

Internet of Things Controller

The Internet of Everything Controller is a cloud-based device designed to maximize the efficiency and security of facility management and operation.

These smart controllers have the ability to mesh together, and communicate with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Enocean to offer a wide range of use cases:

  • Track assets such as workers or machines using indoor positioning
  • Send ibeacon messages through push notifications
  • Pair the controllers with any screen using HDMI and track user engagement
  • Manage data from EnOcean sensors and actuators remotely

iBeacon Gateway

iBeacon gateway is a perfect solution for iBeacon cloud-based management. It allows one to scan for presence and proximity of iBeacons and store data in the cloud. 

The Wi-Blue gateway combines a notification platform and room occupancy sensor to provide insights into ad engagement, energy usage or spatial efficiencies Wi-Blue collects data that reveals when and how your space is being used so you can reduce your energy bill or optimize your operations. It can also be used as an advertising platform to send notifications about products or news.  Paired with the Wi-Ocean Bridge, Wi-Blue can tell your EnOcean thermostat to lower the heat or your smart LED lights to switch off when nobody is around.


This device allows you to manage EnOcean sensors and switches for home automation or remote control. EnOcean devices require no cable and no battery. They can be used to switch lights, control blinds and get sensory information like temperature, humidity or presence detection.
By bridging EnOcean sensors to WiFi, the possibilities are endless.

The beauty of EnOcean devices is that they are battery-less and so they can be placed anywhere without wires. But that raises the question of how they can be managed off-site. We have developed a gateway to bridge EnOcean sensors to WiFi, ensuring real-time data collection and off-site management.


The Wi-Blue Gateway is an iBeaconing device that enables presence sensing and notification messaging. It can be used in commerce to advertise to customers passing by, or in an office setting to identify spatial patterns and room usage. The data gathered can track customer engagement or identify energy saving opportunities.

This build-it-yourself device allows you to create an iBeacon as a presence sensor and messaging tool for residential or commercial purposes. Bluetooth lets you signal to a smart device (phone, tablet etc.) and gather data on presence, proximity and even engagement. Paired with the Wi-Ocean Bridge, the Wi-Blue Gateway can be used to control EnOcean devices such as thermostats and light switches based on presence and proximity of smart devices.

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