VizLore Blockchain Technology Solutions

Blockchain as a Service (BAAS)

Built using Hyperledger Fabric, VizLore envisions a Federated Blockchain Network that allows a “plug and play” BAAS for IoT organizations that wish to improve efficiency. Listed below are seven services VizLore provides with IoT BAAS:

  1. Interoperability throughout IoT
  2. Easy blockchain infrastructure specification, deployment, and IAAS recommendation
  3. Rapid business logic prototyping
  4. Blockchain and underlying system exploration
  5. External interoperability and data
  6. Resource sharing, computational offloading and low-resource device adaptability
  7. Complex privacy-management modeling

ChainRider API

ChainRider API is a cloud service for digital currency management and blockchain exploration. The service uses web tokens for authentication, a token is obtained by registering on the platform. You can use this token to query the blockchain for any type of resources (block, transaction, address) or management of your custom payment forwarding rules. More details could be found in our API docs.

What can you do?

  • Get notifications about blockchain event/payments/blocks/transactions/addresses
  • Create payment forward rules and forward your payments to multiple addresses
  • Get instant commission for payments
  • Dive deep into the blockchain
  • Get instant send notifications for payments and transactions

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